The Common Symptoms Of Herpes

herpes symptoms

Herpes Symptoms - Herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection, especially in the United States of America. Health research shows that several people in the US are infected with herpes, commonly known as genital herpes because it is associated more with the genital areas in both men and women. The infection is usually transmitted through sexual contact, though it is more likely for men to transmit it to women than for infected women to transmit it to men during sexual contact. This accounts for the high number of women infected with herpes than men across the world. Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus or HSV which exists in two types, type 1 and type 2. Most cases of herpes are caused by the type 2 herpes simplex virus, while the type 1 HSV mostly causes fever blisters and cold sores. Most people do not notice they have the herpes infection. This is because most people do not experience any or just mild herpes symptoms after being infected. The symptoms take months or even years before appearing but in cases where they appear immediately after infection, it is usually very severe.

Symptoms of herpes

The common symptoms associated with herpes appear both women and men and can usually be noticed as small blisters which later open up into raw sores which cause pain in the areas affected by the blisters. These sores would scab and eventually heal after some few weeks, though this does not signify the end of herpes. Herpes can remain inactive for a long period of time while hiding in the body nerves. Some weeks after the first primary infection, it can recur showing other symptoms. The recurring herpes though is not very severe as the first one. The number of times herpes can recur in an individual differs from one person to another. It is also important to note that the symptoms vary from one individual to another. One may be infected but not see any symptoms. Some of the symptoms can also be mistaken for bites by insects like mosquitoes or other common skin conditions like acne. One can still transmit herpes even before the symptoms appear.

Herpes symptoms in the whole body

Herpes symptoms in the whole body

There are symptoms that can appear generally in the body and therefore can be noticed by both men and women. Some of these include muscle pain and aches in some parts of the body such as back, knees and buttocks or in the thighs. This can be experienced by both sexes. The infected persons also tend to experience some symptoms related with flu such as fever, fatigue, swollen glands, fever blisters or cold sores. There is also a general feeling of malaise among individuals especially during the first outbreak. Herpes can also cause loss of appetite in individuals. These general body symptoms are not quite easy to notice and they may be easily confused with other normal infections.

Genital symptoms of herpes

Since herpes is mostly associated with the genital areas, most of its symptoms appear in the genital areas. These herpes symptoms may take time before they appear but when they do, they can easily be noticed. The common symptom here is small but painful blisters in the genital parts. The blisters are usually filled with some fluid and very irritating and painful. In men, these blisters can be found on the penis, urethra, scrotum, thighs, buttocks or the area around the anus. In women, the symptoms would appear on the vagina, vaginal labia, cervix, anus, buttocks or thighs. The blisters can also occur in the form of sores in the mouth, lips, gums, tongue, fingers and various other body parts. These blisters occur in both males and females.

There is usually a feeling of tingling, itching, burning or pain in the areas where the blisters would occur. This is a sign that the blisters are about to appear. After the blisters appear and break out, they leave painful sores that would scab and heal after few weeks

Other symptoms related with herpes

After the first breakout of herpes, there are some other symptoms which one may experience. Some of these include vaginal discharge in women, making it difficult for them to urinate. There is also pain when urinating in both men and women. Enlarged lymph nodes may also be seen in the neck and groins, in a tender state.

Recurrent symptoms of herpes

The herpes infection usually recurs after the first breakout, and it is very frequent in women. Some of the activities that may trigger a recurrence include menstrual periods in women, stress, sickness or genital irritation. The symptoms are usually not much severe and do not last long.


Herpes symptoms can be easily confused with other skin infections and therefore ignored. In case you suspect anything or experience some of these symptoms, the only way to confirm is by going for medical diagnosis so that the right action can be taken.

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