Major Breakthrough in Herpes Vaccine Research


Medical researchers all over the world have spent day and night extensive Herpes vaccine research from a long time. They have done many experiments and collected piles of observations to understand every possible aspect of infection so far. Still there are no answers for questions like how the virus affects the body and how our immune system acts on it? Why our immune system can’t eradicate the virus? The research work is still going on to find out the answers. Since the response of human immune system to herpes infection is not explicit, there are many hidden factors. That is the reason we find effective drugs to suppress the infection, but not to prevent it!

Herpes, Understanding The Facts

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Herpes virus remains in the body forever, once enters. It can revamp when the body is in stress or running with weaker immune system due to the other reasons. One should not take Herpes infection lightly. It covers from the nerves to the skin and thus damages the nerves badly.

Herpes vaccine research indicates that the damage does not happen because of body’s immune process, as it was thought earlier. Rather, it is caused by the virus during its journey from the nerves to the skin. There are various complex procedures like virus culture; tissue processing and fluorescent immunohistochemistry, etc. are used during the research work.

Major Breakthrough in Herpes Vaccine Research is Still Awaited


The research indicates the link between Alzheimer’s disease and herpes simplex virus. According to the findings there is a special protein gets accumulated in the brain after herpes infection. The function and chemical composition of this fluid is similar to the agent that is found in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This is quite alarming as herpes may lead to this nasty ailment. Extensive research is being done so that we have sufficient facts to confirm the assumption.

More serious variations like genital herpes need more intense research to find out definite treatment to eradicate it completely. However, herpes vaccine research for genital herpes has a unique challenge. HSV virus is capable of hiding behind the nervous system and remains latent for years. It stings back suddenly with herpes sores. The recent research, however, has been able to find the genome responsible for the unique ability of hiding. Certainly it is heartening news. However, the real breakthrough with effective medicines that kill off the last herpes virus in the body is far away!

Although there have been some experiments done in the recent years where vaccine was developed using the DNA of herpes virus. The DNA was injected in the body of infected mice. The immune response generated antibodies to fight the virus. However the DNA based vaccine for human body is again a far-flung imagination.


It is a fact that in spite of extensive herpes vaccine research, the major breakthrough is not visible at the horizon. There are some encouraging results here and there, but it will take few more years when humanity can expect total eradication of this nasty virus. In the mean time, preventive medicines are the only hopes.

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